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Anxiety Therapy and Panic Attack Help  online is a great resource for anyone who is suffering from panic attacks.

You’ve probably heard of fight for flight as a response to anxiety. On this blog there are many tip that  will help you understand the connection between fight or flight and the sensations you feel before and after a panic attack?

Anxiety is a direct response to perceived dangers or threats. And all the effects of anxiety are aimed at fighting or fleeing from the dangers or threats.

Anxiety is natural as it is a built-in mechanism to protect us from danger, which is ingrained in us as humans.  The stress response  was VITAL to the daily survival of our ancient ancestors, well, it was!

When faced with danger, such as a wild animal or enemy, an automatic response would take over that almost forced them to take one of 2 actions – attack or run.

For more information on anxiety and getting panic attack help, as well as how to eliminate these attacks from your life for good, head over to Panic Away and get the help necessary to getting back on the right track!

Count your way to freedom. Count your way to confidence and get Panic Attack Help Online.


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Reduce Panic Attacks with 20 Second Technique

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The 20 Second Countdown

There is help for panic attacks. Learn more about the treatment and prevention of panic disorder. Learn about the signs, symptoms, causes, and treatment of panic attacks and panic disorder. Includes self-help tips for coping with panic. Panic Attack Help Online provides these resources.

Top psychologists and doctors are  still teaching outdated methods for treating general anxiety and panic attacks?

How are people supposed to solve their anxiety issue if they are continuously exposed to these techniques? Most of these  methods that only teach people to cope with anxiety.

Here is a technique that may work for you. It is a very simple way to help end the fear of a PANIC ATTACK.

This is a very good exercise for people who want something practical to focus their attention on when they feel the pressure of a panic attack building.

Its very simple and easy to remember. Here goes…

The 20 Second Countdown

When you feel the sensations of a panic attack building do the following.

Tell the panic that it has 20 seconds to initiate the full panic attack. 20 seconds and no more. After the 20 seconds are complete it must stop making empty threats.

You are allowing 20 seconds for it to fully manifest but not a second more.

Whatever the bodily sensation is that you fear, it must happen within that 20 second time frame.

-If you heart is going to explode then it has 20 seconds to do so.

-If you are going to lose control, then your mind has 20 seconds to do so.

-If you are going to faint – 20 seconds! But absolutely no more time than that.

This works because it establishes a sense of control within your mind and body.

You think to yourself “I am not prepared to spend my time worrying about this. I’ve had enough. I am going to be generous and give it 20 seconds but after 20 seconds and nothing has happened then the opportunity has officially passed and I am going to go back to what I was doing.”

Count your way to freedom. Count your way to confidence.



P.S. If you want to get started on the Panic Away course right now click here and you can download the course in the next 5 minutes.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks PanicAway

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Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Understand how nocturnal panic attacks affect people during their sleep and get to know the various forms of symptoms.

Not being able to sleep can actually be quite a traumatic. Most doctor’s will tell you there are two things that keep us from falling asleep — a worry and or physical discomfort. In your case the worry that is keeping you awake. Possibly the worry of an anxiety attack as you sleep‚ and the worry of not being able to sleep and how that will affect your performance the following day. It’s a viscous cycle.

We know that most nocturnal panic attacks are not caused by dreams. Records of sleep polysomnographia show a maximum of panic attacks during early sleep phase (phase II)‚ not during the REM–phases associated with dreams. This is a major difference to nightmares. Nightmares happen during the second half of the night‚ so we are often able to remember the content of these dreams. PanicAway can help restore a goods nights sleep.

To Treat a  nocturnal panic attack‚ use the One Move technique and that will drop your anxiety significantly. You will then probably find it takes you some time to get back to sleep as your mind is racing with all the things that could go wrong during the night. Should you find your mind racing and you cannot get back to sleep. Have a journal beside your bed and start to write down all of the symptoms you are feeling.

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Panicaway Panic Attack and Anxiety Help

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At Panic Attack Help Online we are committed. to getting you the information you need on panic attacks help, panic attacks symptoms, panic disorder symptoms, panic anxiety disorders, panic disorder treatment, anxiety attacks symptoms, social anxiety treatment and related conditions.
Did you know Panicaway can provide Panic Attack and Anxiety Help?

Panic Away, Anxiety Attack Symptoms & How To Get Your Life Back

Is Panic Away right for you? Do you suffer from any of these common anxiety attack symptoms?

– Shortness of breath
– Chest pain
– Skin paleness or discoloration

And this is just the Beginning.

PanicAway can help get the symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Attacks under control.

– Feeling of losing control
– Tingling or numbness in face or another area of the body
– Chills or cold sweats
– Muscle discomfort or pain in shoulders or neck
– Faster than normal heart rate or heart palpitations
– Dizziness or the feeling of being light-headed
– Strange or unsettling thoughts
– Sweating or moist skin
– Skin blushing or getting blotchy
– Immediate urge to use the restroom
– Hot flashes
– Choking sensation or feeling like something is in your throat
– Feeling of unreality or stuck in a dream
– Nausea or indigestion or discomfort in the abdomen
– Quivering or trembling

Panicaway Panic Attack Help

Panicaway Panic Attack Help

– Stop A Panic Attack In It’s Tracks

Panic Away has been used by over 27000 people with positive results, are you the next success story ?

Frequent panic attacks or chronic anxiety is bad enough in itself but it can also hold you back from living your life to the full. So apart from the physical and mental anguish that a panic attack can bring, you may also avoid all sorts of activities that many people take for granted.

So you may avoid driving, socializing or doing exciting activities like skiing or scuba diving. You may avoid taking a vacation because you can’t face a plane flight. You may avoid presentations or public speaking at work. You may even be hesitant to leave the house at times.

Panicaway Panic Attack Help

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Mind over Anxiety Panic Attack Help

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Thoughts are a powerful trigger for anxiety. Our cognition’s can maintain, elevate, or lower our level of anxiety. Today we would like to give you a few tips. Anxiety can be debilitating and it is one of the ways that our bodies deal with stress.

The good news is that there are several ways to help deal with stress and lower your overall anxiety. Dr. Howard Schubiner has come up with a method to “Unlearn your Pain”. Doctor Schubiner is promoting his new book and will be visiting our blog to make comments on January 25th. We welcome his visit and wish him the best in promoting his new book. He has submitted the article below for your review.

Mind Over Anxiety:

Taking control of the fear Howard Schubiner, MD Director,

Mind Body Medicine Center, Providence Hospital, Southfield, MI Clinical Professor, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Millions of people suffer with anxiety in the U.S. and there are many treatments, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical, that are available. From my point of view, the problem with most of these treatments is that they focus more on managing the anxiety, rather than understanding why it has occurred and getting to the root of the problem. Unlearn Your Pain Anxiety can take many forms, such as anxiety that is situational (such as social anxiety or performance anxiety), anxiety that occurs in bursts (such as panic attacks), anxiety that focuses on certain events or objects (such as obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder), and anxiety that just lingers most of the time (also known as generalized anxiety disorder).

The bottom line about all of these types of anxiety is that a fear response has been triggered, has become habitual, and has become chronic.  An acronym for fear was given to me recently and it is this: False Evidence Appearing Real.  When the fight or flight mechanism is triggered in our minds and bodies at times when there is no immediate danger, we are responding with an alarm mechanism to situations that appear real, but are actually not imminently dangerous. The human mind has the capacity to think and understand the world in ways our ancestors couldn’t do.  Our highly developed cortex can create complex inventions and great works of art.  We can ponder the meaning of existence and the theory of relativity.  We can develop close attachments to family and friends and understand the cultures of people in other parts of the world.  However, we also have the ability to worry about things that occurred in the past or about things that might occur in the future.  We can worry about accidents, severe weather, diseases, and death. In addition to worries that anyone might have, we have the ability to learn from all of our prior experiences and these experiences shape our reactions to events that occur later in life.  People who were brought up in safe, trusting homes typically welcome others and trust them.  These people are often quite shocked and distressed if they are forced into a situation where they are unsafe and taken advantage of.

For example, I met a woman who grew up in a supportive family who was kidnapped at age 19 and forcibly held and abused for several days.  After this experience, she developed generalized anxiety and was fearful of any new encounter.  On the other hand, people who were brought up in chaotic, unsafe homes learn to be afraid of certain people (often authoritarian figures) and when they encounter people like that are more likely to develop anxiety because their brain remembers the reactions they had as children, which are imprinted in their minds.  One patient of mine grew up with a father who was overly strict and stern.  He would yell at her if she made the smallest mistake in how she served dinner, cleaned her room, or did her homework.  After a while, she developed fear of making mistakes and this fear took the form of obsessive-compulsive disorder where she ruminated about cleanliness and her bodily appearance. None of us are born with a “blank slate” in that we all have traits that have been passed to us genetically.  Therefore, some people are born with greater or smaller degrees of anxiety and fearfulness.  However, these genetic traits are modulated by the environment in which we live.  In my experience, I have never seen someone with a significant anxiety disorder who didn’t have clear triggers for the expression of this anxiety in their life events.  Genes for fearfulness are not set in stone even if we inherit them.  They are either turned on or turned off in a process known as gene expression or epigenetics.

Therefore our life events account for the most important aspects of whether one develops an anxiety disorder or not. Anxiety disorders are triggered by life events and develop into habitual responses by a process known as neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the simply the process by which the brain develops new pathways that create physical and mental reactions that can become chronic.  When one learns to walk, talk, write, throw a ball, or ride a bike, these are all examples of neuroplasticity in action.  After learning these skills, we don’t have to think about how to do them, they occur automatically because they are forms of learned nerve pathways that emanate from our brains and become manifest in our bodies.  Anxiety responses are also forms of learned nerve pathways.  When one reacts to a car backfiring as if one hears a bullet flying, this is a form of a learned nerve pathway.  When one develops a panic attack before taking an important test, this is a form of a learned nerve pathway.

The book, Unlearn Your Pain, contains the program that I have developed to help people overcome chronic pain that is caused by learned nerve pathways.  Although that is a topic for a different article, it turns out that learned nerve pathways are the primary cause of chronic pain in most people.  Some of the disorders that are caused by learned nerve pathways are migraine and tension headaches, fibromyalgia, TMJ pain, insomnia, irritable bowel and bladder syndromes, as well as most back and neck pain.   When you look at this list, you probably recognize that people with anxiety disorders commonly also suffer from one or more of these other disorders.  That makes sense, of course, since the same underlying issues create these pathways for anxiety as well as pain.

One person who participated in the 28-day program to unlearn his anxiety wrote this: After years of intermittent anxiety, followed by depression, I knew I could no longer fool myself into thinking that my problem was caused just by a set of certain circumstances.  I told myself that I only needed to get beyond the next problem and everything would be okay, only to be faced with a new set of problems that caused me to be anxious or depressed.  After medication and therapy, I still did not have the tools to understand and deal with this reoccurring problem.  I wasn’t sure that Dr. Schubiner could help when he invited me to his class.  From what I understood, his approach dealt with physical symptoms, not mental or emotional ones. Dr. Schubiner’s inspirational lecture and guidance helped tremendously.  I started to calm down and understand for first time what was behind my problem.  The writing exercises brought out profound information about myself that I was unaware of, even when the subject matter was very familiar.  Dr. Schubiner’s program is remarkable for being easy to follow and complete, but amazingly effective! The first step in the program is to understand what life events and reactions to stress and emotions have created the learned anxiety pathways.  Once you have figured that out, there are a variety of writing exercises, meditative exercises, self-talk and affirmations, and a self-guided approach to making important changes that lead to healing.

Anyone with an open mind and a willingness to work at these issues with honesty and perseverance will be very likely to see remarkable changes. Unlearn Your Pain is available from:

Mind over Anxiety Panic Attack Help

Panic Attack Help Alternative Treatment Video

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There are various methods to control your Panic Attacks. We have been invited to be part of a book tour that has information on how to treat Panic Attacks and Anxiety.

How To Unlearn Your Pain – Author Howard Schubiner MD “Unlearn Your Pain” Virtual Book Tour Jan – Feb 2011
Join Author, Howard Schubiner MD on his Virtual Book Tour, starting January 25 sponsored by The YP Publishing.


About The Book

Unlearn Your Pain – Do you suffer from chronic pain that appears to have no medical cause? Many of us suffer needlessly from pain diagnosed as migraines, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, or other disorders such as Anxiety and Panic Attacks, when the real cause is Mind Body Syndrome.
Using cutting-edge research, this book demonstrates that the underlying reason for much chronic pain is nerve sensitization and learned nerve pathways, rather than actual tissue destruction. Dr. Schubiner has used this new understanding to develop a unique program to actually reverse pain and research studies support the effectiveness of the program. By reading this book, you’ll be able to determine if you have this syndrome and then learn how to overcome it. The program in this book gives you therapeutic writing exercises, a CD with four meditations, and everything else you need to unlearn your pain.

Be sure to visit: on January 25th for more information on this newly released book. For now check out the Panic Attack Help Alternative Treatment Video.

Panic Attack and Anxiety Attack Causes

You can Stop Panic Attacks in Their Tracks.

Check Out These Panic Attack Treatment Options

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Persons who have been diagnosed with panic disorder have many treatment options available to them.  Treatment Options include: Psychotherapy and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy,  prescription medications, as well as Complementary and Alternative Medicine are just some of the  panic attacks treatment options.

Do you need
more information on How to:  Stop Panic Attacks?

“Do You Also Have Moments of Shear Panic and Overwhelming Anxiety? Does It Also Cause You Paralyzing Fear, Sweating, Hyperventilation or Shortness of Breath?”

Here’s What You Need To Know Right Away!

You’re Not Alone! Millions of other people have the same emotions time to time.
You Can Be Free! Rather than masking the fear with drugs, you can overcome it naturally and permanently.

Thousands of people…just like you…have overcome gripping panic and anxiety with the help of these excellent programs.

While reviewing the top three, we discovered they’re more than just books. They include videos and other ongoing support to help you totally master your emotions and free you from the fear. You could spend a fortune with doctors and prescription drugs and never accomplish what you could with these programs the natural way.

Each of these programs come with a 60 day guarantee, so the risk is only your time.

Here’s the key to success: Pick one, go through the program immediately and do exactly what it tells you to do. Good luck!

5 Stars:

#1 Pick


“Panic Away” does, and in particular the One Move Technique™, is give people the ability to immediately stop fearing another panic attack. It is very simple yet amazingly effective. Here is how it works:

After a person experiences a panic attack for the first time, the experience can be so impacting that it leaves a strong imprint on the persons psyche. This mental imprint generates a cycle or loop of anxiety (see diagram) whereby the person develops an unhealthy fear of having another panic attack. People can spend anywhere from months to years caught in this repetitive cycle of anxiety.

Panic Away
teaches a technique that now allows that person to break the cycle of anxiety and return to normal everyday living.

The really unique element of the technique, is that there is no need for you to regress into your past and find out why you had your initial panic attack in order to get results. All that is needed is your willingness to break out of the anxiety cycle.


4 Stars:

#2 Pick

Discover The Answer To Your Panic Attacks With The
Linden Method

Any company or program can make bogus statements to get you to follow along, but numbers are hard to look past. According to the Linden Centers, more than 115,000 people have freed themselves of anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessions thanks to the

It’s also a popular program. We found it complete and very effective in it’s approach for managing emotions.

It’s a 30 day program that is guaranteed to provide you with all of the answers you need.


3 Stars:

#3 Pick

5 Reasons
Easy Calm’ Claims To Be The Best Anxiety And Panic Attack Cure Available

The market is flooded with countless panic attack treatments and programs that you can join. It can be difficult to decipher one from the next when each is claiming to be the best. Although these are the exact claims Easy Calm seems to make, this company has reason to back up the claims.
Here are five reasons
Easy Calm claims to be the top anxiety and panic attack cure on the market.

The YouTube Video Below May Provide Some Panic Attack

There are some self treatment options that one may want
to consider. Did you know that Panic
is one of the best selling Self-help courses on the
Internet? The course is specifically aimed at curing panic attacks for
good.  It’s primary goal is to help the anxiety attack sufferer learn
to control their thoughts, thus eliminating these attacks.  Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy strategies lie at the heart of this method. How Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy works is that it teaches the individual techniques to
re-program the reaction in the mind to anxiety attack triggers. While we
highly recommend the Panic
Away System
there still is a missing ingredient. An area that many
Professional’s fail to consider is diet and nutrition. Proper diet and
nutrition can help minimize the adverse affects these types of attacks
have on the body and nervous system. That is why we recommend a 2 stage
treatment approach. It is a very simple approach.

  1. Order Panic
    NOW to Treat the Psychological side of the
  2. Order  Relora®
    which is the a Nutritional Product to help calm down
    associated stress.

is a natural stress management
ingredient that helps control
stress-related eating
and has the added value of being
non-sedating. In central nervous system receptor binding assays the plant
extracts in Relora® binds to several important targets associated
with stress.
It does not bind to the benzodiazepine receptors
that would cause sedation, yet has the relaxing qualities.

Rights Reserved Worldwide.

This website is for informational and advertising purposes. Always consult
a medical professional before starting any type of treatment plan.


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Panic Attack Treatment Options

Fear of Flying : Panic Attack Helpful Tips

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Do you have a fear of flying to the point of Panic Attacks? There are helpful tips for those who are having trouble remaining comfortable during a commercial flight or who now avoid flying because of their fears. Learn about what causes the fear of flying, and why flying anxieties are so tough to deal with. End your fear of flying by learning a step-by-step approach to flying comfortably.
Fear of Flying Handbook

Visiting other places is one of the most dreamed activities of everyone.  If your related problem: the fear of flying has been getting most of the attention, it should be treated as soon as possible. Fear of flying is common to most individuals especially to those who have existing anxiety problems.

What other individuals should know about being scared to fly is that it may also be attributed to other phobias like falling, open and close spaces. All of these ailments can then have terrible impacts on the person’s life and thus influencing his way of life and his entire personality. There numerous reasons for why people suffer this type of phobia.

Other people experience this ailment because of the traumatic experiences they have from in the past. This fear can originate from lack of trust or the primary understanding and knowledge about flying and how aircraft work. There are individuals who feel stressed and act strange every time they hear stories about flying or anything related to airplanes.

It is imperative to learn some fear of flying tips and guidelines on how to cope with your phobia so you can learn to appreciate flying more than a thousand feet above the ground. As soon as you have successfully done these suggestions, you will notice the positive change it brought you.

Try to get to know yourself. It is the first step that you have to do so you can step up and trample anything that scares you. Discover the reasons behind the development of this disorder. You also have to accept the fact that you are scared of flying so you can free your mind from any bad thoughts. And identifying the factors that can trigger your fear is also a big help in your coping process.

A thorough research of the subject matter is very important. As soon as you have acknowledged and assessed your fear, you can easily answer all the questions hovering inside your head. Past issues can still haunt you but this time you can deal with them accordingly.

It pays to ask for assistance and look for other ways on how to deal with it. There are so many fear of flying tips you can read on the internet. You simply have to determine which one you think works best for you. But the most important ingredient to make the process effective is your determination and cooperation. If you are willing to be cured then everything follows.
Anxiety problems like this can greatly affect your lifestyle and thus treatment should definitely go on top of your priority.

If you want to learn: How to Stop Your FEAR of FLYING. Click Here.

Do you have a Fear of Flying and a Fear of Driving?

End Anxious Thoughts In 4 Easy Steps : Panic Attack Help

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Below is an interesting article by Joe Barry. He is the creator of the Panic Away system that has helped thousands of people. There is Help available for Panic Attacks.

How to End Anxious Thoughts In 4 Easy Steps

Because you have visited this blog we can almost imagine what your repetitive anxious thought might be.

Maybe it’s a fear of:

  • -a panic attack
  • -never being free of general anxiety
  • -a bodily sensation that worries you
  • -a fear of losing control to anxiety

My name is Barry Joe McDonagh and I have successfully taught thousands of people in over 30 different countries, how to end general anxiety and panic attacks.

Whatever your particular fear is, I want to share some tips and techniques with you over the coming days that will not only help you end these fears but also reduce your general anxiety level dramatically.

After many years of coaching people to be anxiety free, I have noticed that those who experience panic attacks or general anxiety almost always deal with the frequent occurrence of anxious thoughts.

Anxiety has a sneaky way of seeding doubt regardless of whether the fear is rational or irrational.

So what can be done for people who suffer from repetitive anxious thoughts?

To begin, lets look at how an anxious thought is powered and then I will demonstrate how to quickly eliminate the intensity of the thought.

Say for example you are going about your daily business when an anxious thought enters your mind.

Whatever the nature of the thought, the pattern that follows is usually quite predictable.

The anxious thought flashes briefly in your awareness and as it does so you immediately react with fear as you contemplate the thought. The fearful reaction you have to the thought then sends a shock-wave through your nervous system. You feel the result of that fear most intensely in your stomach (due to the amount of nerve endings located there).

Because of the intense bodily reaction to the thought you then get sucked into examining the anxious thought over and over.

The continuous fearful reaction you have to the thought, increases the intensity of the experience. The more you react, the stronger the thought rebounds again in your awareness creating more anxious shock-waves throughout your body. This is the typical cycle of anxious thoughts.

For some it feels like the anxious thoughts are hijacking their peace of mind.

Because of the reaction you are having, you may continue to spend the rest of your day thinking about the anxious thoughts you experienced.

“Why am I thinking these thoughts?” “Why can’t I shake off this eerie feeling?”

The harder you try not to think about it, the more upset you become. It is like telling someone

‘Whatever happens do not think of a pink elephant’.

Naturally enough it’s all they can think about. That’s the way our brains our wired.

So how can you eliminate these unwanted anxious thoughts?

To begin with:

  • -when you start to experience anxious thoughts, it is very important not to force the thoughts away.

Let the thoughts in. The more comfortable you can become with them, the better. These thoughts will never go away fully but what you can learn is to change your reaction to them.

By changing your reaction to the anxious thoughts you become free of them.

Once you establish a new way of reacting to the thoughts it does not matter if you have them or not. Your reaction is what defines the whole experience (and that applies to almost everything).

Everybody experiences fleeting thoughts that many would consider scary or crazy. The difference between most people and somebody who gets caught up in them, is that the average person sees them for exactly what they are, fleeting anxious thoughts, and casually ignores them.

The anxious person is at a disadvantage as they already have a certain level of anxiety in their system. The thoughts easily spark feelings of further anxiety which builds into a cycle of fear. You break the cycle by changing how you react to the fearful thought.

Here is an example of how to approach this:

You are enjoying the way your day is going but then all of sudden a fearful thought comes to mind.

Before you would react with anxiety to the idea and then try to force that thought out of your mind.

This time, however, say:

“That’s a fear of X. I could worry and even obsess over that but this time I’m going to do something different. I’m not going to react to it. I’m also not going to try and stop it either. I’m just going to label the thought and not react.”

Then the thought comes again with more intensity and possibly with new ’scary’ angles you never considered. When this happens you do exactly the same. As if you were observing a cloud passing overhead, you simply

  • -Observe it,
  • -Label it (fear of whatever), then
  • -Watch it as it passes by with no judgment.


  • -Move your attention on to what you were doing.

Observe, Label, Watch, Move on

See the anxious thought for what it really is: -one of the thousands of fleeting sane and insane thoughts every one of us experiences daily.

If you are a more indoors type of person then instead of thinking of the thoughts like clouds passing in the sky, you might try imagining a large cinema screen and the anxious thoughts are projected out onto the screen in front of you. Play around with this approach. Find what works for you.

The key thing to remember is to:

Observe, Label, Watch, Move on

By practicing this approach you gradually stop reacting with fear to the thought and you learn to treat it as nothing more than an odd peculiarity.

When you are at a stage where you are comfortable doing the above exercise and you feel you are making good progress, then try this additional step:

Actually invite one of your more regular fearful thoughts in.

Call the fear to you, say you just want it to come close so you can observe it.

It may seem like the last thing you would wish to bring upon yourself, as you don’t particularly enjoy these thoughts but this approach can be very empowering. You are now calling the shots. You actually invited the issue in.

By doing this you are discharging the dense vibration of fear surrounding the anxious thought. That fear was sustaining itself on your resistance, -the idea that you could not handle these thoughts.

The fear quickly evaporates when you turn around and say “yes of course I can handle these thoughts.”

Fear intensifies when we pull away from it. Anxious thoughts become a mental tug of war if we struggle with them.

It is the mental struggle of pulling against the anxious thoughts that creates the inner psychological tension.

The inner tension is fueled by thoughts like:

  • “I can’t handle to think about this -please go away”
  • “I don’t like that thought- I want it to stop!”

Take a different stance. Invite anxious thoughts in. Willingly sit with them, label them and do your very best not to react.

Yes, it does take practice but very soon you find yourself in a unique position of control. You are no longer a victim of fearful thinking but a decision maker in what you will or will not be concerned about.

As with every technique there is always a level of practice involved in the beginning. Initially you start observing but then suddenly get anxious about the fearful thought. That’s very normal in the beginning.

Keep at it. Practice and you will quickly see how less impacting those fearful thoughts become.

Do not let your mind trick you into believing that your anxiety is something you will always have to struggle with. That is simply not true.

Not alone is it possible to control the occurrence of anxious thoughts but I can teach you how to end panic attacks and general anxiety if that is your goal.

You can have the life of your dreams. Anxiety does not have the right to steal that hope from you.

I’m going to e-mail you my mini series. It will help reduce anxiety levels significantly.

Some of this information forms a small part of the Panic Away Program. My full program eliminates panic attacks and general anxiety very quickly and has proved highly successful with both long and short term sufferers of anxiety. The results speak for themselves.

To Learn more about Panic Away visit:

Here are some of the things you will learn from Panic Away…

  • -Learn how to be empowered and gain confidence by engaging a simple technique to defuse any panic attack.
  • -The four most powerful approaches to creating an enduring anxiety buffer zone (particularly useful for those who experience GAD).<
  • -Learn to avoid making the one mistake almost everyone makes during a panic attack episode.

Here is a small sample of how the course has helped others:

…learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years

I must tell you that out of all the items you can purchase regarding anxiety related products on the internet, I learned more from reading your program than I did from all the psychologists and other practitioners I had seen in the 25 years that I’ve had this condition.

I had been on Xanax and Klonopin for about 10 years, but this December, I decided to withdraw from it thinking I didn’t need the pills anymore according to some of the programs I ordered claiming “miracle cures”. That’s when all my symptoms started again. I felt as if I had wasted the past 20 years trying to get better.That’s when I started searching the web for home based “cures”. I ordered so many programs I started to get confused from too much conflicting advice. Also, I was promised support but I am still waiting replies from some of the more expensive programs!

You are a true gentleman, and I am going to post a very positive feedback on a website you might be familiar about called: Tapir?

Talk to ya, Andy








…I prayed to God to show me what to do

I experienced my first panic attack in July of this year and ended up going to the hospital by ambulance thinking I was having a stroke or heart attack! I have had a bunch of attacks since then. Monday morning I awoke to an immediate attack and prayed to God to show me what to do. To make a long story short, I was led to your website but was afraid it was like the other ones where they try to sell you their products. However, your introductory information really spoke to me and I decided to take a chance. I read your book and it gave me the tools I was searching for to deal with my attacks.

I could tell immediately that you have suffered from panic attacks yourself because you spoke with authority that can only have come from having dealt with the terrors yourself. I am 42 years of age and have been noticing the psychological effects of perimenopause (one of which is panic attacks in my case). Thanks again!!

Sincerely, Cynthia


To Learn more about Panic Away visit:

I encourage you to take a chance with this course. As a former sufferer I would not pretend to have a solution if I did not honestly believe it could be of great benefit to you.

Together we can get you truly back to the person you were before anxiety became an issue.

P.S. Additional bonus- I am currently offering an opportunity to have a one to one session with me so that I can ensure you get the results you need. All I ask is that should you feel the course has been of tremendous benefit to you that I add you to a database I am currently updating of success stories.

If you want to learn more about this course and how to get started right away visit:

Talk soon

Barry Joe McDonagh

All material provided in these emails are for informational or educational purposes only. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or medical condition.

It is Helpful to Learn the Causes of Panic Attacks.

Additional Panic Attack Help Information can be found in this article.

End Anxious Thoughts

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Panic Attack Help Online

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